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Terms of Service:

1. Our rates are valid for all property locations within a 50 mile radius of Coarsegold CA. Additional mileage surcharge of $0.20 per mile over 50 miles may apply for properties and or businesses outside our normal service area.

2. Staging Policy: Medallion Services is not responsible for on-site staging of property.  Realtor or on-site representative is responsible for any staging that may be necessary.  Property will be photographed ‘as-is’ upon arrival.

3. Cancellation Policy:  Customer may cancel 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment by notifying Medallion Services with no additional charge.  If notification is not provided and our tour photographer arrives at the scheduled appointment and is prevented from completing the job due to Realtor / Representative not being present or the property is not ready for the shoot, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $45.00

4.  Inclement Weather Policy:  If inclement weather prevents the shoot, Medallion Virtual Tours will reschedule the shoot with no cancellation fees.

5.  Payment Policy: Medallion Services terms are payment in full within 10 days of tour delivery for current customers, and payment in full on the day fo the shoot for new customers.

6. Tour text edits will be completed upon request at no additional charge.  Tour modifications requiring additional photography will be subject to a minimum fee of $45.00



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